I started lessoning with Cassandra this past winter and enjoy each time I ride with her. She’s always coming up with a new challenge for me and is able to notice the smallest details that might be keeping my horse and I from communicating well. She is a wealth of information, yet so very down to earth which makes for a great learning experience. When it comes to training horses, she knows how to get the most from each horse in a very light manner. Truly something to watch! Ally Grillo Saltonstall -King Ferry, NY

I’ve been taking a few lessons on an upper level schoolmaster, and today I got to ride piaffe. Wow. New goal; watch out Mateo! Just wanted to thank you for the awesome lessons on Bree. Those half-passes today were terrific! You are a patient and knowledgeable instructor. Carol Morris- Dryden, NY

I had the pleasure to test drive a young horse that Cassandra Jessop had started. He was light in the bridle, sweet, and trusting. I was impressed at how much confidence he showed in his rider. Cassandra has done a great job with this young horse. Heidi Kohl- Shalersville, OH

I met Cassandra Jessop after communication with her about several horses online, and was very impressed with her communication skills and quick replies. She was very upfront and honest about everything with all the horses I asked about, which is very refreshing when you deal with horse sellers all the time. When I first met her in person it was to try a 4 yr old gelding for a client that Cassie had personally broke and backed. A huge part of my job is buying horses for clients, so I am always looking and trying horses all over the country, so when I say how blown away I was with how well trained this young horse was it comes with some weight. My whole philosophy in riding is lightness and harmony, and I have NEVER tried a sales horse before who was as light in the bridle, or as sensitive to the seat as the one in question. It was a breath of fresh air to see a sales farm and trainer who still strictly adhered to the training scale, and did not rush the basics and foundation to get the horse up the levels faster. Cassie is a gem of a trainer and rider, and I will not hesitate in the future to go to her for sale horses again!
Sara Carlisle -Boston, Mass

I have been training with Cassie for about 4 months now, after my first lesson with her I was hooked! The lesson was nothing short of an “Ah ha” moment. I had been stuck and struggling for years. Started to lose my motivation to ride in sheer frustration. I have learned more in a few months then I have in years with Cassie. I am inspired to ride more, I look forward to each lesson. Cassie has insight beyond her years into the nuances of both horse and rider. She is a breath of fresh air in the dressage world. I would highly recommend her! Lori Kent- Cannington, Ontario

All the horses I worked with while down working with Cassy were all very supple and willing to work, and a complete pleasure to ride. –Georgia Wade, Germany

Cassy is a wonderful enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and professional young trainer both for riders and horses. She trained my rescued 10 year old completely saddle green standardbred who now has a bright future a head of him. Cant thank you enough! Alyssa Warawka -East Hampton, Massachusetts

Hands down the best lesson I have had. I can’t wait to get back into regular training. Cassandra is knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. The horses are talented and safe, and the facility is lovely.  Allison Klein  – Toronto, Ontario

Cassandra has improved all of our horses. Her patient and correct training builds confident relaxed horses. Our recent show success is proof of her excellent program. We couldn’t be more excited about the future!! Sharon Beard -Uxbridge, Ontario

In just a short time I have learnt more with Cassie than in many, many other lessons elsewhere. Her knowledge and skill are very clearly evident. I highly recommend her if you truly wish to learn to be a better, more accomplished rider. I can hardly wait for my next lesson! Marion Dubenow -Keswick, Ontario